Connor Yocum



Travel Sketches


Independent Project

Advisors Mikesch Muecke, Daniel Naegele




How does one document experience on paper?


Immediately following a four month semester in Rome, Italy, this question drove a three month journey through Europe as I learned through trial and error to sketch, to observe, to record, and to experience. My two mentors for this endeavor, Mikesch Muecke and Dan Naegele, provided invaluable advice, critique, and encouragement on a regular basis throughout this period of investigation. For twelve weeks I wandered, taking in as much information as I possibly could about my surrounding environment, but as time went on the focus shifted from architecture to the cultures and people around me.


Armed with an arsenal of sketchbooks, a few pens and pencils, watercolor pencils, a backpack of bare necessities, and, importantly, without a camera (excluding my phone), I set out to document by hand. The following images are just a small sample of a much larger body of work less interested in the perfect than the process.